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Pump Iron

Pump Iron



Calcium Boost 

Blood Purifier 



Red Clover 


  • Description

    Pump Iron tincture is  formulated to support and enhance iron levels in the body.


    Key ingredients in Pump Iron include Nettle, Dandelion and Red Clover. Nettle is known for its high iron content making it an excellent addition to Pump Iron. This herb helps support the body's natural iron absorption possessing a range of vitamins and minerals that further enhance its beneficial effects on overall health.


    Dandelion is rich in iron, as well as other vital minerals like potassium and magnesium, which assist in maintaining healthy iron levels. Dandelion is also known for its potential to support liver health, further aiding in the body's iron metabolism.


    Red clover is a natural source of iron and is highly regarded for its blood-cleansing properties. By supporting healthy blood circulation, red clover helps ensure that iron is efficiently transported to various organs and tissues where it is needed most.


    Boost your iron levels and embrace a healthier, more energized you with Pump Iron, the ultimate herbal tincture for iron support.

  • Caution

    If pregnant please refrain from using Red Clover 

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